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The message of February twentieth, 2012 (Seal of the Dwelling God [see chapter seven of Revelation for biblical reference]) must be read by all. If God has picked out this time and generation to shut human heritage as we understand it, His Seal might be a great Present of mercy for the people willing to listen.

Despite the fact that lots of Jews right now have become so secularized that they have got forgotten almost all of their own personal beliefs, along with the literature and that is supposed to uphold them, observant Jews, together with Conservative, Orthodox and especially ultra-Orthodox, nonetheless look at the Kabbalah inspired by God.

Hagena and Partners, a workforce of retired Luftwaffe basic staff officers, has published a 53-site examine (in German). With only a few exceptions we had to rely on open resources as well as regulations of likelihood, and also on examening the issue “cui bono”.

Remember to read this, it pertains to genocide in Ukraine. Remember to let us do a thing to counterweight this utter insanity.

Other victims of wars from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and diverse other nations also be a part of them In this particular quest for a safe haven in Europe. These folks are in dire troubles who want every one of the attainable aid. Nonetheless, It is additionally important to underline the fact that Europe has no solution to the problems of millions of refugees and asylum seekers. Their quantity will carry on multiplying, not decreasing. Those that think usually are in a earth of fantasy.

I am able to roam everywhere online, get energized by some piece of material, brilliant or bogus, and post it on Fb for my Mates to find out. If many of them like it, they will subsequently put up it for his or her Mates to view.

To hasten the end of Israel’s captivity, Kabbalah endorses extermination of Gentiles, not merely as being a requirement, but as the highest religious responsibility. Zohar II points out the principles of redemption with the firstborn of an ass by giving a lamb: “The ass signifies non-Jew, who's being redeemed by the presenting of a lamb, which can be the dispersed sheep of Israel.

I get this message: “The owner of has configured their Web-site improperly. To guard your data from becoming stolen, Firefox hasn't linked to this Web site.”

All of us should wander in goose phase with American imperialism. The race to realize use of the Mediterranean or Ukrainian frack fields and transfer that Electrical power into pounds could be the primary reason the whole world is inside a frenzy. Release the innovation in conversion devices like Algae bio diesel and look at prosperity come with effectiveness patterns and free time for communities who achieve royalties from their very own Power generation. Biomass into Bio Gas! Why isnt this valued? Why do you lead for the cycle of violence with the experiences of condemnation of injustices that don't have anything to carry out with the leads to but are just effects within the crisis from the petro greenback wars? I’m waiting for you to capture up Robert Parry!

Reply no puppet Could 21, 2017 at eight:00 am dear sir, thank you a great deal for that posting on Trump (and his predecessors) internal working with the middle east. I already understood about Saudi Arabia probable funding with the war device, but your posting on Trump leaving the Saudis off his ban list spelled out the many several years of spiritual record that no ‘greedy yank and his need for oil’ could EVER change.

Reply Russell September 6, 2015 at 12:38 pm When will you identify the frack assault, from Ukraine to Syria is The rationale for destabilization and terror? Israel could green Gaza, however the petro dollar war destabilizes the globe and delivers extinction. The correct wonderful evil would be the greenback. And when Israel ended up to release its green innovation it will result in American imperial destabilization. We saw this in the event the Israel supreme check them out court docket kicked out halliburton from fracking the Golan. Before long after, Obama arrived down on Israel with condemnation for settlement development. Irrespective of whether its right or wrong.

As we look for tactics to end violence at your house and abroad; to dismantle Cold War mentalities, procedures and weapons of mass destruction, I'd personally suggest that We've got to address the basis of the monstrous construct of US in opposition to ‘them’ – the opposite/the enemy, in all its sorts; to know the origin of dread, hatred and violence.

It would seem as though a significant portion of american citizens are incapable of even pondering MSM as mostly propaganda — even though simultaneously currently being rapid to declare anything from, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba et al as almost nothing but propaganda.

But almost all of the 99% don’t know this and imagine the lies and lies of omission in the media. Their eyesight of actuality is formed by a media controlled with the one%, nevertheless fifty percent of these vote for that get together of your 1%, the occasion that hurts them one of the most.

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